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Product liability cases are very challenging, time consuming, and expensive. The Rex Carr Law Firm has the experience and resources to successfully pursue them. Product liability cases usually involve serious personal injuries or death caused by a product that has failed or malfunctioned. The failure may have been caused by a defect in the product's design or in the product's manufacture. Some examples of product liability cases include where injury is caused because of the defective design of: an automobile (such as a vehicle rollover) or its components like a seat belt or brakes; a piece of machinery like a power press or construction equipment; or a medical device like a heart monitor.

To succeed in these cases, a law firm must be able to fight some of the biggest corporations in the world like General Motors and Ford Motor Company. A law firm handling these cases must also retain engineers, scientists, reconstructionists, and other experts to testify. Many times the appropriate experts are located all over the country. Perhaps the most challenging task in product liability cases is simplifying the science and a roomful of documents so that a jury can understand them at trial.The attorneys of The Rex Carr Law Firm have been successfully doing this in product liability cases for years.
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In1999, the National Academy of Sciences concluded that 44,000 to 98,000 people die as a result of avoidable medical mistakes and negligence each year. (This does not include those severely injured and disabled). People of all ages, from newborn children to the elderly, may be severely harmed by medical negligence. Like the other cases The Rex Carr Law Firm handles, medical malpractice cases are very challenging. Unlike most other types of cases, however, medical malpractice cases have an additional hurdle: juries in malpractice cases often begin trial believing that the doctor, nurse or other medical provider made no mistakes and a verdict for the patient will result in physicians leaving the community. An attorney bringing a malpractice case must overcome these hurdles to be successful. The attorney usually must retain medical experts and be able to present complex medical concepts to the jury in an easily understood manner.

The attorneys of The Rex Carr Law Firm have been successfully pursuing medical malpractice cases for years. Medical professionals, such as legal nurse consultants, are an important part of The Rex Carr Law Firm's support staff. These professionals are educated and trained to assist in the preparation of medical malpractice cases. The firm also retains some of the best doctors and medical professionals in the country. The Rex Carr Law Firm's clients have the additional benefit of being represented by attorneys the malpractice insurance companies know can successfully handle these cases.
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Placing a loved one in a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions a family makes. Usually the loved one's medical condition has left the family no choice but to admit him or her to the home. Families trust that the nursing homes will provide the best care to their helpless loved ones. Unfortunately, that trust is often violated because of corporate nursing home owners putting profits over their patients. The neglect or abuse may be in the form of physical assaults on nursing home residents. It may appear in the form of a resident being permitted to wander from the home and be injured. It may also be evidenced by residents being permitted to fall and be gravely injured. Neglect may also manifest itself in less obvious but painful infections, malnutrition, dehydration, and pressure sores. The nursing home industry wants the public to believe that these are unavoidable consequences of the aging process. They also want people to think nursing home residents cannot feel pain or their pain and conditions are not deserving of fair and adequate compensation. The attorneys of The Rex Carr Law Firm do not believe this, and they are dedicated to proving it is wrong.

The Rex Carr Law Firm's attorneys understand the nursing home industry and its practices, and it has used this knowledge to successfully pursue neglect cases against nursing homes. The Rex Carr Law Firm is here to help abused and neglected nursing home residents and their families.
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Personal injuries from automobile accidents range from the very minor to permanent disability or death. People injured in automobile accidents often interact with insurance companies and their adjusters. Many people believe there is no harm doing everything the insurance companies want. Unfortunately, this can make it very difficult to obtain a full and adequate recovery for their injuries. The Rex Carr Law Firm's attorneys have a great deal of experience successfully representing people injured in automobile accidents and seeing that their rights are protected. The attorneys successfully deal with insurance companies on almost a daily basis. Sometimes injuries from automobile accidents are caused by defects in the vehicles such as defective brakes, fuel systems, seat belts or air bags. If so, there might be a product liability case that needs to be pursued. The attorneys of The Rex Carr Law Firm are experienced in successfully pursuing product liability cases against some of the biggest corporations in the world.

The Rex Carr Law Firm, its support staff, and its considerable resources are ready to represent you in Illinois or Missouri automobile accidents.
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The police and other law enforcement departments are some of the most valued, important , and trusted elements of our society. Law enforcement agencies are also very powerful and their agents are often armed. They have the support of the near limitless resources of the federal, state or local governments. Unfortunately, however, some law enforcement officers violate this trust and abuse their power. This can sometimes result in serious injury or death. Lawsuits brought for such abuses are often civil rights cases. These cases can involve difficult federal law issues. Many times these lawsuits are filed in federal court where it is very important that the attorneys know the procedural rules. An additional hurdle in these cases is that juries often give the benefit of the doubt to the police officers. The Rex Carr Law Firm has attorneys which are experienced in successfully representing those injured because of police misconduct.

The Rex Carr Law Firm, its staff, and its resources are ready to help the victims of Police Misconduct.
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Class action cases have been greatly criticized by the media and politicians. Class actions, however, can serve an important role in preventing big business from defrauding the public. Corporations (like banks and mortgage, insurance, and credit card companies) sometimes engage in conduct which defrauds individuals. Many times when this occurs the amount of money defrauded from a single person may not be very much. However, when the corporations engage in wide-spread conduct of this sort, thousands of people may be defrauded. This can result in the corporations making millions of dollars from their dishonest conduct. If a single defrauded person or a small group of people file suit on their own behalf, the amounts they can recover are so small that their attorneys' fees, time, and expenses paid to pursue the case will be far more than the court could award if they won. The corporations have tremendous financial, legal, and other resources. These resources are used to vigorously defend these cases whether it is a single consumer bringing it or many more. In these situations, the ability to file a class action lawsuit, where thousands of similar individuals are represented in a single case, are very important to protecting consumers' rights. The amounts that can be recovered in class actions are significant enough to scare corporations into stopping their fraudulent conduct.

The Rex Carr Law Firm has the resources to successfully pursue class action cases against the biggest corporations. The Rex Carr Law Firm does not file or pursue meritless class action lawsuits. The Rex Carr Law Firm is currently involved in class actions involving consumer fraud, asbestos contamination due to a fire at a chemical factory, Fair Labor Standards Act (overtime) violations, and the underpayment of ERISA pension benefits. If you have been victimized as an employee or by fraudulent or dishonest conduct by big business, call The Rex Carr Law Firm and have the matter investigated at no charge.
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Sometimes people who have been represented by attorneys have a result which was far less than they expected. Many times this was no fault of their attorneys. However, sometimes the reason this occurred is because the attorneys were negligent. The Rex Carr Law Firm pursues meritorious legal malpractice cases. Legal malpractice cases can be very difficult and expensive to pursue. In such a case the legal malpractice itself must be proved. In addition, it must be proven that the client would have probably won in the underlying case or would have obtained a higher recovery if there had been no malpractice. The Rex Carr Law Firm has the experience and resources to pursue these cases.

If you believe you are the victim of legal malpractice, you should contact The Rex Carr Law Firm. The consultation is free and the firm will investigate the matter at no charge to you.
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